Feminization Hypnosis – Does it work?

One of the most frequent questions I receive on Feminization Hypnosis I receive is whether it works or not. To answer the question in short -YES.

Hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool to deal with not only psychological issues but also physical ones. However, with physical changes there are some limitations and at the very least a time delay until you see results.

Lets have a look at what I like to call the Trinity of Feminization – the mind, the body, the sexuality.

Feminization Hypnosis for the Mind

When choosing to leave behind your male side and transform into a female the process starts in the mind. Hypnosis is extremely powerful in making changes in the Mind. You can use hypnosis to change your attitude about yourself, your thought and behavioural patterns and many other things.  One of the major problems face b males going through the feminization process is that they are extremely self conscious in public. Always reverting in their thought process to the thought whether people recognize the fact that they are really a guy. Hypnosis can help you lose old behaviour patterns that a re dead giveaways but it can instill in your mind that you are a woman – and always have been. After all, if you yourself keep thinking of yourself as male, the public will also. Here “regular” hypnosis barely differs from Feminization Hypnosis. If it has to do with our mind – hypnosis can change it.

Feminization Hypnosis for the Body

The female body is completely different from a male body – different physique, different sexual organs, different hormones and much more. In quite a few of these areas hypnosis can help you make the switch. While hypnosis can not change your “pipework” it can change many different features about your body. For example, breast growth is something that I have done a lot of research on. Have a look at my blog post on Breast Enlargement Hypnosis for a FREE breast recording you can download. There are quite a few clinical studies of the effect of breast enlargement through hypnosis and it definitely is an effective method. The same holds true for changing other things about your physique such as hair growth, softer facial features, etc – as well as regulating hormone levels naturally to become even more feminine.

Feminization Hypnosis for Sexuality

A good portion of my clients come to my office because of problems related to their sexuality. The majority of clients are happy with their gender and are looking to fix problems that may have bothered them about their own sexual life. Whether it is to get beyond phobias about sex, inhibitions or past trauma. Hypnosis can help. However, hypnosis can do much more than that. It can change your whole believe system regarding sexuality and even rewire the nerves we use to perceive sexual pleasure. One trick that rsiquee stage hypnotists have been using forever is the orgasm spot. They usually pick a spot on the subjects hand and install a trigger that lets them orgasm every time that spot is touched. Think about the possibilities – especially when you couple it with psychological impulses. After all, your biggest sex organ is the brain. With hypnosis you can experience sex like a woman, regardless of how far along in the feminization process you are.

To sum yup – YES, hypnosis can be a very powerful tool to help you along the in the feminization process inside and out.


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